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What Is Important to You?  

When exploring new financial services, the initial conversation all too often centers on the money. At Transitions Wealth Management, we believe in a more relevant process. First, we want to know whether we can be of meaningful service to you. That means taking the time to learn about you, your goals and your concerns … well before we start talking dollars and cents.

In our complimentary Discovery Meeting, we gather with you in a relaxed, no-hassle setting to explore your life’s components: transitional events and key relationships; personal, professional and philanthropic goals; strengths and challenges; interests and concerns. During Discovery, you talk; we listen. 

Our Not-So-Secret Weapon: Planning

Although it’s no secret that a little planning goes a long way in life, it’s surprising how many people are trying to manage their wealth in a vacuum. It’s unsurprising that they’re having a tough go of it.

In accordance with our fiduciary responsibilities, before we commit to an ongoing wealth management relationship we will determine which one of our fee structures is in your best interest.

At your Wealth Plan Meeting:

  • We will point out strengths and areas of concern within your historical portfolio performance and protection, risk evaluation, and asset allocations; and help you consider an appropriate Investment Policy Statement to guide your investment activities.
  • We’ll also explore insurance, estate planning, business and similar concerns, so we can collaborate with your existing relationships or recommend new alliances as needed.

    Especially if you’re not accustomed to comprehensive planning, it is our pleasure to walk you through these initial stages offering you greater confidence in your next move -- whether or not you become a Transitions Wealth Management client.

Are We a Good Fit for You?  

During our Discovery and Wealth Plan meetings, we commit to exploring whether we can assist you with your wealth management in general, and any specific transitional issues you are experiencing in particular. It’s time well spent, as it helps you determine the next, best move for you and your wealth. 

If that “next, best move” is to become a Transitions Wealth Management Client, we will schedule our Mutual Commitment meeting, during which we both sign an agreement to proceed. In it, we confirm the terms of our relationship, including our transparent, fee-only compensation. 

Charting the Course  

After Mutual Commitment, we accelerate our actions on your behalf, guided by our carefully structured process for managing our new relationship as well as the transactional activities involved. We’ll also schedule a 45-Day Follow-Up Meeting, to discuss progress made so far. Throughout, you’ll be well-informed about where you stand, and to where you’re headed. We agree in writing to a fiduciary duty to you, which means we’re strictly guided throughout by your highest interests, both financially and emotionally. 

What Has Changed In Your Life? 

If there’s one thing that’s certain in life, it’s that things change. At Transitions Wealth Management, our mission is to serve as your “go to” advisor as the circumstances of your life unfold. Throughout, we’ll be working hard to discover and implement strategies for easing your way through whatever transitions you face, connecting your financial activities to your and your family’s highest interests. 

Toward that end, we’ll ask you to join us for periodic Regular Progress Meetings that we will schedule according to your preferences. We’ll ask you about -- and help you stay on top of -- whatever may have changed in your life. Of course we also want you to reach out to us whenever ideas or questions may arise during the interim. You also will receive regular financial reports and communications from us, your independent account custodian Charles Schwab & Co., and other specialists on your wealth management team.